I chuckled as I told him for the second or third time, “Remember which car you’re driving” – something he had teased me about back home every time I’d reached for the stick shift  on the console of our VW rather than the automatic shift lever in the car I was driving. Now it was his turn for confusion as he drove the Toyota Corolla we’d purchased in Australia, heading for the summer Olympics. With “windscreen” wipers and directional signals on the opposite sides of the steering column as our cars at home, he was repeatedly reaching for, and turning on, the wrong one.

These days, I liken my writing to “vehicles” called Poetry, Essays, Children’s Stories, Music, Lyrics, Books, and Blogging. Each vehicle requires a different format, a different mood, and a different length of time from start to finish, so, as I’m continually switching from one to the other, I’m constantly shifting gears. I just have to remember which vehicle I’m driving.

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