For Immediate Release – Book Launch: Light for the Burning Soul

Light for the Burning Soul: Sparks, Flames, and Embers – by Lois J. Funk

Close on the tales of her nonfiction, how-to-memoir, Lois J. Funk launches Light for the Burning Soul: Sparks, Flames and Embers, a collection of inspirational verse and heartwarming anecdotes derived from her personal walk with God.

Manito, IL – April 26, 2015 — Light for the Burning Soul: Sparks, Flames, and Embers, is available online, at, and locally at The Kountry Nook, in Pekin, Illinois. Its pages offer encouragement for everyone, from the person seeking God, to the one who already knows, loves, and follows His Word. Its pages will “ignite sparks of inspiration for the wandering soul; fan flames of conviction for the soul on fire for God’s Word; and stir embers of faith where fervor is waning.”

“The Spirit of God speaks in a whisper
and is heard only by those who listen with their hearts.”

Funk is an internationally published children’s author and poet whose work has appeared in a vast array of children’s magazines and church curriculum, and in books and table magazines, since 1981. Additional works include five chapbooks of poetry; a reflective essay and several poems in Pieces of Her Mind – Women Find Their Voice in Centuries-Old Forms (2012); and a unique combination of prose and poetry in her non-fiction, how-to-memoir, Snaps, Scraps & Snippets of the Past and Present: How to Retrieve the Lost Pictures of Your Past (2014).

Light for the Burning Soul can be read in one sitting or a poem at a time, a day at a time. With one poem per page, the author has intentionally left a good measure of white space that encourages readers to jot down their own ideas when inspired to do so.

Meet the author and review her books, or contact her, at;;; and on Facebook, at Writings by Lois J. Funk.

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