A longtime friend who was reading Snaps, Scraps & Snippets jokingly suggested that I write her life story. When I said, “You write it,” she gazed at me with questioning eyes and asked where she should begin.

“Start small,” I told her. “Start with the dime store. If you start too big, you are liable to get bogged down and never finish your story. Starting small allows you to quit any time or continue as you like.”

Only days before, she had reminded me of how she had worked in one of our town’s three dime stores during our high school years. Now I reminded her of that conversation and how she had mentioned all the neat things dime stories carried back then, right down to the kitchen utensils that were always displayed way at the back of the store. Together, then, we mused over how housewives of the day could go directly to the back of the dime store and find inexpensive items that made hours spent in the kitchen a little more enjoyable. As we talked, my *mind’s camera captured images of the rest of the store, with its worn wooden floors, and of counters where trinkets and loose items were separated by glass partitions. For a moment, I was tempted to write her story after all – at least this part of it.

Her next question was how to start writing. “Pretend you are talking to me,” I told her. “Tell me what you remember about that store; about those trinkets; about working there. As you write about those particular details, more and more thoughts may come to mind, maybe of other jobs you had during high school, or of something you bought in that store that brings back yet another memory. Write about any and all of the things you want to talk about. But start small. Start with the dime store,” I told her.

*For more on the “mind’s camera” and its capabilities, read Snaps, Scraps & Snippets, available now on Amazon and at


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