From inspiration to publication:

Birthing a Book

From the moment of conception,

it consumes my heart and soul

and grows inside me day by day.

I carry it for months,

nurturing it;

loving it;

feeding it only the best I have to offer,

for it balks at anything less.

Too soon, it struggles to be free;

causes false labor pains; but, no,

it is not fully developed

and must be kept under cover

until it is ready to be presented

to those who will either love it

or shun it.

I talk to it, pamper it, get angry with it;

even threaten to abort it,

but it’s become too much a part of me now,

and I wonder, What will it look like?

I can only dream.

Will it have my voice?

I can only imagine.

At last, it demands release

and makes its way into the world,

leaving me empty and anxious,

trying to fill the void as I pray

that it will grow to do great things;

patiently waiting to see

how it will be



and held,

my new


© 2014 Lois J. Funk


For a glimpse into my books, Snaps, Scraps & Snippets of the Past and Present, and Light for the Burning Soul, please visit my website as I’d love to hear from you!


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